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MPSCREEN Washer, MW-12A (CE)

An automated microplate washer that washes 48 or 96 wells plate with up to 100 user-defined programs.

MPSCREEN Reader, MR-96A (CE)

A color touch-screen microplate reader with fully automated bi-chromatic optical system that stores up to 20,000 results.

AutoScan PRO (CE)

A standardized software system for analysis and interpretation of MP Diagnostics Immunoblot assays. System includes: Plustek S28 Pro Scanner (1 pc), Calibration Card (1 pc), AutoScan PRO Installation CD (1pc), USB license dongle (1pc), AutoScan PRO Analysis Template (5 pcs)

AutoBlot System 20 (CE)

A fully automated, self-contained instrument for performing MP Diagnostics Immunblot assays.

ASSURE Rapid Test Reader (CE)

A fully intergrated desktop instrument for analysis and interpretation of MP Diagnostics ASSURE and MULTISURE ® Rapid Test assays. System includes: Device Placement Template

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