A well equipped laboratory begins with MP Biomedicals

MP Biomedicals provides a wide assortment of laboratory instruments and supplies to meet all of your research needs. These Instruments and supplies include: FastPrep® Sample Preparation Systems, cell and tissue lysing, cell culture supplies, plating tools, multiwell slides, pipettes, pipette tips, electrophoresis and blotting apparatus, lab accessories, transfer membranes, and cleaning supplies. Why look anywhere else when you can source all these Instruments and accessories from MP Biomedicals?

FastPrep® Sample Preparation Instruments

Advanced Complete Solution for Extraction of DNA, RNA, proteins, metabolites and other small molecules

The FastPrep® System family is a comprehensive laboratory solution that optimizes the lysis, grinding or homogenization process from virtually any sample type. FastPrep Instruments and Lysing Matrix Tubes work in tandem to produce higher yields, higher quality, and extremely consistent results, easily and efficiently. Benchtop instruments based on bead-beating technology, FastPrep® provides complete and quantitative lysis of difficult and routine samples and is suitable in all applications that require grinding, lysing or homogenization. Mechanical lysis disrupts cells and tissue for the isolation of DNA, RNA, proteins, metabolites and other small molecules, and eliminates the need for chemicals, enzymes and detergents, which can inhibit some downstream processes. Examples of sample types include but are not limited to: all types of human, animal and plant tissues, including cultured cells; bacterial, yeast and fungal cells, including spores; and environmental samples, including soil and feces. The FastPrep™-24™ 5G instrument employs a unique, optimized motion to disrupt cells through the multi directional, simultaneous beating of optimized Lysing Matrix beads on the sample material. FastPrep™-24 5G has the highest power settings in its class and is the only homogenizer with eleven optional sample holders allowing for unique processing flexibility, with tube sizes of 2, 4.5, 15 and 50 mL available for processing samples under ambient or cryogenic temperature conditions. A wide range of Lysing Matrix tubes are available and contain grinding media of varying materials, sizes and shapes, optimized by sample type and guarantee thorough homogenization every time.

Grinders Adapters Lysing Matrix

Why use a metal tube holder?

With all-metal sample holders: Choose high temperatures resistance up to 450°C. Choose sterilization by pyrolysis or autoclaving to eliminate pathogens including: bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites, viroids, prions.

  • Choose resistance to most laboratory detergents. Choose sample size :2ml, 15ml and 50 ml tube All-Metal sample holders offer a solution for applications spanning pharmaceutical, biotechnology and academic research
  • Ensure easy care and maintenance

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Run Your Gel

Horizontal Electrophoresis

Before electrophoresis begins, the liquid gel needs to be prepared, cooled and poured into a tray and fit with a toothed comb to create separations for each individual sample. The right selection of appropriate gel equipment is crucial to reach the right electrophoresis process.

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Light it up!

UV Transilluminators and accesories

UV transilluminators from MP Biomedicals are your first choice for analytical applications in molecular biology.

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Smooth DNA & RNA Transfer

Vacuum transfer of DNA and RNA for Northern and Southern blots

Detect a Specific DNA/RNA sequence of your electrophoresis separated DNA/RNA fragments through probe hybridization on the membrane blotted DNA/RNA. Southern/Northern blotting. Fast, reproducible, safe and economic DNA/RNA transfer.

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Automated Nucleic Acid purification

Standalone benchtop system to extract nucleic acids in three simple steps: Load, Run and Obtain

MPure-12™ is a bench-top automated system for rapid and efficient purification of nucleic acids from a wide variety of biological specimens using magnetic bead separation technology. The MPure has a uniquely designed magnetic bead processing chamber and is fully integrated with easy to use pre-packaged reagent kits offering superior yield and purity of nucleic acids at an affordable price. This process includes four main steps: lysis, binding, washing and elution. MPure-12™ nucleic acid purification kits used with the MPure-12™ system provide the highest yield and purity. MP Biomedicals offers 15 different MPure-12™ reagent kits that allow for the purification of DNA and RNA from a wide range of biological samples. MPure-12™ kits contain everything needed for sample purification: Pre-filled reagent cartridges, reaction chambers, sample tubes, elution tubes, disposable pipette tips, etc.

MPure-12™ pre-filled reagent cartridges are designed to increase yield, purity and data quality while decreasing contamination risk and cost. Reagent cartridges are pre-measured and film-sealed to avoid contamination. The MPure-12™ System automatically pierces this film before moving the reagent to the sample tube, eliminating operator handling errors. Each cartridge contains reagents for one sample and cartridges may be run individually, allowing flexibility in the number of samples processed (from 1 to 12) with no unnecessary waste of reagents. Nucleic acid purification with the MPure-12 System takes only 35 to 70 minutes, depending on the selected protocol and kit.

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Equipment Maintenance

Equipment Maintenance

MP Biomedicals offers maintenance of all equipment to ensure your research never stops.

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Food & Biodiesel Analysis

Food & Biodiesel Analysis

Trusted and Proven for Food, Oil, Cosmetics and Biodiesel Quality Analysis!

The SafTest system is designed to have the flexibility needed to get reproducible results from multiple sample types. Quickly get results for determination of the following end-points:

  • Peroxide (PV)
  • Alkenals
  • Free Fatty Acids
  • Malonaldehyde
  • Percent Fat
  • Total Glycerin

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